20th April 2015

My Brazilian adventure!

Here’s just a quick blog post to show you where I have been for the last couple of weeks, we’ve had the most amazing time and seen all sorts of stunning sites… I’m no photographer but here are a few snaps from trip!


Christ the Redeemer

We started our trip in Rio and it truly was an incredible city with the combination of beach, city and rainforest as far as your eyes could see! On our second day we ventured up to one of the most famous Rio landmarks, Christ the Redeemer to get an even better look over the whole city!

Amazon Rainforest

We then left to head for the amazon rainforest, after a few short plane rides we arrived in Manaus when the taxi dropped us off to get our boat to the lodge we had a bit of a shock at how small it was!

Amazon Rainforest Monkey

At our lodge there were monkeys everywhere… this was definitely a highlight of the trip, when we were walking around they would just jump up to play and have a cuddle. During our stay in the rainforest we also went trekking, fished for Pirañas, swam with dolphins, spotted alligators and had breakfast with parrots!

Iguazu Falls

We then travelled down to the border with Argentina, to visit Iguazu Falls, and it was truly stunning… we even managed to squeeze in a helicopter ride over the falls!

Ilha Grande

For the final part of our adventure we went to Ilha Grande, which is an island of the coast of brazil where the only way to get around was by boat or foot, the beaches were gorgeous with their white sand and clear blue sea! An amazing way to end our little travelling experience.


Now it’s time for me to get back to reality and get some work done!


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20th April 2015



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