25th July 2016

Websites, Websites, Websites!

So recently I’ve been taking on a new challenge… creating websites!

Here are a few things I’ve learnt…

> You must have lots of patience!

> Practice makes perfect

> The possibilities are endless

> It’s worth it in the end

When working for an agency, I had helped out with editing various WordPress websites and had tried to learn as much as possible about how it all worked; some of it I grasped quickly and some of the technical website talk just went straight over my head!

It was one of my big challenges when setting up to go freelance, as I knew it was crucial to have my own website to display my portfolio. I was determined to get it right, so after hours and hours or reading blogs/articles, tearing my hair out and lots of help with technical support I finally managed to fill in the gaps of my knowledge… and you’ve made it to my website so it worked!

I knew that working for small clients would mean that not only would they want their branding/advertising creating, but that they would want a website as well, so with my newly gained knowledge I took on the task of building them for clients. When creating the designs for how I wanted them to look I was filled with enthusiasm, with ideas flying round my head, but putting them into practice was a different matter. It took a lot of researching, reading and perseverance to fully understand what I was doing and hours of editing to make sure the pages looked exactly how the client and I wanted it to look.

Here is a snapshot of some of the websites I’ve completed in the last few months…

Click on the images to have a look at the websites!




When I mention WordPress those that have heard of it think that it’s just for making simple blogs, but it can actually do so much more! There are all sorts of features that can be added to allow it to do anything a client needs. It is also great for being able to pass it over to clients for them to edit and update once all the design work has been completed, allowing them to save time and money on regular updates.

I am still learning lots about websites (and probably always will be), but now I’ve got so much more knowledge than I did a year ago I can enjoy making them and hopefully will be working on lots more in the future!


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25th July 2016



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